Meet the "Next Generation CMS" live for 1 day!

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This is MEET NEOS!

The first Neos-Business-Conference-Series started in Hamburg: “MEET NEOS”

The innovative “Next Generation CMS” for 1 day, packed with getting together, socializing and fascinating talks. Listen to impressive case-studies from areas like finance, brands, tourism, landingpages and many more.

Let the Neos professionals answer your individual questions live at the Neos-Desks and watch prominent Neos-speakers tell the latest news about the fast advancement. 

MEET NEOS is THE event of its own for agencies + clients, first contacts, deciders, marketeers and hard-core-developers. A talk-area and in the same time 3 Neos-Desks with Neos-pros to show demos and live solutions.   

If you want to organize a MEET NEOS-conference in your city, please contact info@meet-neos.com for more details. 

So spread the word about MEET NEOS on all channels :)

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